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Accelerating Discovery: COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthroughs and their Future Impact
This whitepaper explores innovative research and technologies that played crucial roles in Covid-19 vaccine development. Read more
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New AI-Enabled Virtual Screening Tool Identifies Most Promising Approved Drugs for Success in Treating COVID-19
WorldQuant Predictive (WQP) and CAS have partnered to develop a groundbreaking methodology that can save time and lives by helping researchers rapidly prioritize the most promising drug candidates to treat COVID-19 and other critical diseases. Read more
Predicting New Chemistry: Impact of High-Quality Training Data on Prediction of Reaction Outcomes
Scientists at Bayer expand their understanding into new, useful chemistry by improving the predictive power of a synthesis planning model with scientist-curated reactions from CAS. Read more
Structurally Novel Small Molecule Drugs Outperformed in 2020 – Infographic
Download this CAS infographic to see structures and information about new structurally novel small molecule drugs approved by the FDA in 2020. Read more
Ammonium Nitrate Safety - electronic brochure
Explore this interactive brochure that provides an overview of the chemistry of ammonium nitrate, the key processes in its manufacture, and important guidelines for safer handling and storage. Read more
Case Studies
ICL Discovers New Uses for Waste Compounds with Better Data Connections  
Repurposing chemicals requires first uncovering the right insights from vast amounts of research. This case study shows how CAS enabled the efficient discovery of application leads for 75% of ICL’s target byproduct compounds. Read more
Ammonium Nitrate Safety
This in-depth CAS Report discusses the chemical properties of ammonium nitrate, its hazards and safety rules, and provides a useful resource for those involved in the handling and storage of this compound. Read more
Press Releases
Scilligence Partners with CAS to Optimize R&D Informatics Workflows with Scientist-Curated Data
Scilligence, a provider of web-based informatics solutions for R&D, has partnered with CAS to enable direct access to CAS scientific content through the Scilligence informatics platform. This partnership builds on a previous collaboration by streamlining additional workflow scenarios. Users can now access CAS REGISTRY® data directly from Scilligence ELN and Scilligence Inventory. Read more
Press Releases
CAS to collaborate with MIT on research to enhance predictive chemical synthesis planning
CAS has entered into a research collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to accelerate research on predictive chemical synthesis planning. CAS will provide MIT’s Department of Chemical Engineering Connor Coley’s Research Group a collection of high-quality, scientist-curated chemical reaction data, enabling them to train advanced algorithms in retrosynthesis and reaction prediction. Read more