ICL Discovers New Uses for Waste Compounds with Better Data Connections  

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Repurposing waste chemicals promotes sustainable R&D practices. ICL, a global manufacturer of products based on unique minerals, needed to identify new applications for their manufacturing waste compounds as part of the company’s circular economy strategy.

“We wanted to find commercially sustainable uses for our byproducts, helping to reduce waste and make our production processes more efficient,” explains Aviad Karniel, Operations Manager for ICL’s Central R&D Facility. “We needed a research solution that would generate answers quickly.”

Application leads must be uncovered from vast amounts of research. CAS curates the world's largest connection of scientific insights, enabling you to efficiently:

  • Find application leads for byproduct and waste compounds
  • Explore applications of similar compounds
  • Discover connections across seemingly unrelated scientific disciplines
  • Power your machine learning models and analytical models

See how ICL scientists were able to analyze the world’s largest curated collection of chemistry data to quickly identify new applications for 75% of the targeted waste products.

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