CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform

CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform



CAS SciFinderⁿ


CAS SciFindern 助力您快速获得相关的可操作见解。 CAS SciFindern 搭载备受科学界信赖的著名 CAS 内容合集以及业界最先进的相关性检索引擎,能够在更短的时间内取得更好的研究成果。

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CAS Formulus®


CAS Formulus 是一个综合的配方(制剂)数据库和工作流程解决方案。 通过从专利和期刊中收录的各领域信息,CAS Formulus 通过一个简单的界面,即可帮助配方科学家评估成分,查找供应商,了解法规要求。

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CAS Analytical Methods


CAS Analytical Methods 提供检索和对比最新发布的跨越多个研究领域的科学方法的单一来源。 CAS Analytical Methods 提供易于阅读的实验详情,助您将宝贵的时间更多地运用在实验室其他重要工作中。

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Press Releases

CAS Launches Innovation Incubator to Partner with Early-stage Innovators

Through the CAS Innovation Incubator, CAS offers resources, expertise, and potential funding to early-stage innovators to help boost their science-based ventures.


Targeted Protein Degradation and Induced Proximity: Molecular Glues Landscape in Drug Discovery

Induced-proximity target protein degradation (TPD) is a ground-breaking strategy in drug discovery that has emerged in the last decade. This CAS white paper surveys the research landscape, status of clinical trials, and discusses possible future opportunities.

Press Releases integrates CAS chemical substance data into its novel drug delivery AI platform

CAS is launching a collaboration with to enrich their proprietary database to fuel its AI engine, with an expected 70% reduction in resources allocated to molecular data acquisition and preparation.